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Home Learning In 4/5

  • Reading

We want every child to be a reader, so each child has a school reading book which they can change on allocated days. (If they need longer that's fine!) If they finish their book before then, feel free to ask questions to check they have understood it. 

We encourage children to read every night to promote a love of reading heart


  • Maths

Children will bring their CLIC test home on a Friday which has been marked by an adult. Their challenge is to keep practising the methods they are learning- especially the tricky questions! 


  • Spellings

Children are given 10 spellings every Friday which must be learned by the following Friday! Below are the links to the Year 4 and Year 5 word lists taken from the National Curriculum.


  • Learning Log - Every child has their own Learning Log & resources with pencils, rubber, sharpener and colouring pencils. The learning logs will be looked at every Monday where we will take the time to share and admire eachother's learning, discuss what we have learnt outside of school and assess what we have produced.

At the beginning of each half term a new list of challenges will be added to the Learning Logs with tasks to be completed weekly. Children are given the choice as to which task they want to complete and they are given to freedom to be creative!


Below is a list of this half term's home learning challenges.

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Great news! We have had fantastic feedback from the HMI Ofsted visit on the 19th April. The full report is available on this website...please read and share the good news!