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Big Maths

We are putting in a lot of effort to learn our multiplication facts and recall them out of sequence. During Big Maths we are also practicing our calculation methods so we can apply them in other areas of Maths.


White Rose Maths Hub 

Autumn 1- We have looked at the place value of large numbers and solved problems using rounding to the nearest 10, 100, 1000 and higher(Y5). During addition and subtraction we have been practicing our column methods and been solving some mastery questions so we can use and apply these methods. Here are some examples below- What do you think? 


Year 4

Year 4 1

Year 5

Year 5 1
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Great news! We have had fantastic feedback from the HMI Ofsted visit on the 19th April. The full report is available on this website...please read and share the good news!