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Welcome to Moston Fields Primary School.


Welcome to our School!
Dear Parents and Carers,
A big hello to all in our school community! I am Mrs Sarah Murray , the new Headteacher at your school. I have been looking forward to joining you all and have had a fantastic first two weeks.
Since starting at Moston Fields I have met fantastic children, parents and staff and can see how much potential there is within this school community. I assure you that I will be working hard with the whole community to build on the strengths of the school and make sure that the school becomes the best that it can be.
Over the next two terms and going forward in the future, we will be developing our vision for education at Moston Fields. This will include:
  • working on the key recommendation left to us by Ofsted in November,
  • developing teaching, learning and assessments to ensure best possible outcomes for all,
  • extending the curriculum to ensure that it inspires and engages all children, developing their basic skills, subject knowledge and life skills,
  • developing our school environment so that it is welcoming and reflects who we are,
All of our work will have the ultimate aim or developing your children into confident, articulate learners and active citizens of the future.
I look forward to working with the whole school community to do this, as your views and support are crucial to this success.
Best wishes,
Sarah Murray
PS if you have not met me yet, please come along to the Meet and Greet on Monday 23rd January at 9.15am in the PE Hall or come and say hello when you see me around school.