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Activities for week beginning 11th May

We hope that, as well as accessing some learning, people have been making the most of the gorgeous weather we have been having, whether that is in your garden or during your daily exercise - it has been nice to see so much of the sun to cheer us up whilst school is closed and we all continue to try and get used to the current circumstances.  Here are this weeks tasks and activities:


White Rose Maths are continuing to provide videos to match what we would have been doing in class, but the task sheets are no longer on the website.  So, follow the link to watch the video for each day and then see the activity sheets below.

Alternatively, the BBC maths lessons now also match what we would have been doing in school.  So, you can go to the website link below (or access via the red button on TV) to complete the same maths content, in a slightly different way:


Last week we put a writing unit on the website called 'The Game'.  We said that there were enough tasks in the unit to cover two weeks.  So, if you are still making the most of the great activities and ideas on there, please feel free to continue (the document can still be accessed in last week's resources).


If you feel you are looking for some new writing challenges then here is an idea to get you all creative!  First, visit this BBC webpage to get some ideas about how to go about writing and developing a story:

Now look at this picture as a starting point for your own story.  By thinking about the questions and completing the short activities, it should give you lots of ideas for your own story about whatever 'Number 28' is and what is happening (NOTE: in the tasks, when it talks about 'sick' sentences, it just means could you write improved versions of them because the language choices are not good enough).  You could write a story about Number 28 and use what you see in the picture as part of it, or, if you have drawn your own robot (as the last activity suggests) you could write a story involving your own robot:


There are links in previous week's activities to Oxford Owl and Collins Big Cat to access E-books for children to read.


However, as something extra, below is a link to the BBC daily lessons site.  Look for the reading tasks, where they provide extracts from really interesting books (usually read by someone famous as well as printed extracts for you to read) and then they pose questions and activities to challenge your thinking and understanding (great to sit and discuss with an adult or just to think about on your own):

WEEKLY ACTIVITIES - History, Spellings, Art, STEM Challenge

Here are our activities for the week.  As well as these, feel free to use the BBC daily lessons link above and try out some of the lessons on there.


We are also looking out for entries to the STEM challenge this week (it is one of our favourites!!!).  You need to build a marble run!  Get your pictures of this and everything else on Class Dojo!


Take care

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Letters for each year group on the wider opening of school have been sent by email to parents and are on the Newsletters section of the website. Please read!