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Activities for week beginning 13th July

We can’t quite believe that this is the last week of the Summer Term.  This school year has certainly thrown-up some unexpected challenges.  However, we would like to thank you all for your hard work and support through-out this time and we look forward to September when we can welcome you all back as Year 6’s!!!


If there is anything we can do to support, please remember that you can phone school and speak to us, and we hope to see lots of you on Tuesday 14th for the drop-by!  Your time is 9:30-10:30.


As always, all of the resources for this week can be found below. Remember, both of the sites below have lots of other learning and activities that you can get involved in:


For this week, White Rose Maths are looking at measures and timetables.  One of the oddities of living in Britain is that we adopted the metric system of measurement but never quite got rid of the imperial system.  So, the first sessions looks at metric units before moving to imperial units in the next lesson.  There is also some work on reading timetables - a useful life skill to have.

The Nrich website is a big favourite of ours and you can find plenty to keep you challenged in their home learning section.


We started our new unit last week, called ‘Meet the Rhi-swano-zeb-tah’.  If you started it last week, you will know that we are looking at an information text about a strange creature made-up from lots of different animals.  This week’s tasks carry on from there and get you writing about your own strange creature.  We can only publish the full unit so, if you started last week, click on the document below and find the work on brackets (which is where we got up to) and carry on from there to the end of the unit.  If you didn't try it last week, feel free to start from the beginning this week.


As always, get involved in grammar with George (password: anchorhome) and there is a link to some work on fronted adverbials which will help you with your information text that you are writing in literacy.


Great news that libraries are able to open again so, if your stuck for some reading, get along to your local library.  If you're not already signed up, it is free to do so and you'll have access to hundreds of books.  We have also posted the links below to read online.


We continue with thinking about Our Futures this week – creating a leaflet for new pupils to the school and thinking back about Year 5.  There is also the best STEM task ever – create your own edible face masks!!!  We’ve been using it to try and get rid of our wrinkly skin!  Click on the document below to find out more.


As we have always said, learning can take many forms and doesn't have to just be what we have suggested.  Getting out and about, being active, spending time with family and friends etc. are all important during this time.  Below are a couple of websites that get us inspired.

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Letters for each year group on the wider opening of school have been sent by email to parents and are on the Newsletters section of the website. Please read!