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Activities for week beginning 18th May

Welcome back to another week of home learning.  As well as the usual features that we have regularly been using, we have tried to find a few new resources to motivate and engage - as lockdown fatigue sets in!  Remember, feel free to find the balance between home learning, working from home, supporting other siblings, getting some exercise and looking after everyone's well-being.


Throughout school closure, we have provided the White Rose Maths resources, as this is what we use in school.  However, at the moment these resources are re-capping work that the children have already done.  So, although the resources are here (and feel free to use them) it is a perfect time to mix things up.  So why not try some of these resources?

IXL Maths

There are loads of interactive maths quizzes here.  Children can choose an area of maths that they are interested in (or that they want to do more work on) and click on that link.  At the top of each page there is an example that the children can click on to show them what to do and, if they are struggling, at the bottom of each page there are links to click on to practice earlier steps.  Try them out and battle against the clock!


Here are 25 maths games to do at home.  Lots of interesting ideas and easy to play games with instructions.


This is a great resource for problems and puzzles and they have set up a home learning section for different age groups and with different types of activities.  Designed to get you thinking!!!


Loads of activities - both interactive games and documents to look at/download - with ideas for learning about different areas of maths - even making up your own crazy maths songs to remember facts!  There are resources for all age groups.

White Rose Maths

If you want to recap the work we have been doing on fractions, please feel free to continue using these resources.  Click on the internet link to watch the videos and then the activity sheets and answers are below.

BBC Daily Learning

Again, the BBC are providing daily maths lessons which link with the White Rose Maths work and can be accessed here:


Something a bit different this week for literacy.  Here is a short animation called The Lighthouse.  Watch it and then complete the activity pack that goes with it.  As well as the literacy activities, there are loads of other activities and suggestions - including some collage art work if you are up for it!

Remember, if you are still working on the literacy activity packs from the last couple of weeks - The Game and Number 28 - these resources can still be found on the Year 5 class page.  Simply click on the previous weeks' links and find them there.


Here is a link to be able to listen to some audible books being read, to encourage your child to get into books and/or find some books that they may not have read before

Or, what about a bit of poetry?  This site lets you read and listen to some great poetry being read aloud.  Explore poetry and find something that interests you - perhaps you might be inspired to write and perform your own poetry! 
There is still free access to Oxford Owl and Collins Big Cat e-books


If we had been in school this week, it would have been our Outdoor Learning Day!!!  So, here are a few links to try and inspire you and your family to do some outdoor learning.  Try them out and let us know on Class Dojo how they go!

WEEKLY TASKS - Art, History, Spelling, STEM tasks . . .

As well as our weekly tasks, which can be found on the document below, here are some other things that might interest you to do some learning this week:


Why not follow this link to find out about different sports and their history?  You could then design a quiz to see what your adults know:

To carry on the sporting theme.  Choose your favourite sports star and try and draw them in the style of pop artist Roy Lichtenstein?  If sport is not your thing, choose anyone you want (famous or just someone you know) and create a portrait of them in this style.  Here is a link to some of Roy Lichtenstein's work to inspire you:
We know there are lots of great artists in year 5, so, even if you don't want to create a Roy Lichtenstein inspired portrait, visit the Tate Gallery site and explore to find some inspiration - there are also games and activities to keep you busy as well!

How about creating a map for your house and/or garden to make an orienteering course?!  At each location on the map, leave a question that the people carrying out the orienteering challenge have to answer and record on their sheet (to prove that they have visited each location).  The questions could be about anything (just general knowledge) or they could be on the same theme (for example, questions all about 'My Family' or 'Famous Singers' or 'Britain's Got Talent' or 'Famous Scottish Cyclists'!!!)

Here is a link to an orienteering website to find out more and get inspired:

Here is our regular weekly learning activity ideas.  This week's STEM challenge is to build a home for Murphy (it is optional if you want to make sure there is space for Miss O'Hara!!!)
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Letters for each year group on the wider opening of school have been sent by email to parents and are on the Newsletters section of the website. Please read!