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Activities for week beginning 1st June

Welcome back to the first week of the new half term.  We hope everybody was able to make the most of the weather this half term, even if we couldn't do everything we wanted as we continue in lockdown and to follow the social distancing guidance.  This week sees the lockdown ease a little for many, so we hope you get a chance to see family and loved ones who you have been missing.


As for home learning, we have some of the familiar and, as with the week before the holiday, we are trying to find a few different resources to mix things up a bit.  As we have said from the beginning of this, please find the balance between work, exercise, spending time with those you can and taking care of yourselves (that includes you, too, parents, who will be trying to juggle so many commitments at this time).


Take care everyone.


Here are the links to BBC's Daily Learning and White Rose Maths video content (the White Rose Maths worksheets are set out below as you can no longer access them from the WRM website).

We love Nrich maths challenges at school.  So, here is a link to their home learning.  Find some puzzles that you fancy doing and build a whole range of mathematical skills
With the weather as good as it is, why not try out these PE and maths sheets (we posted the first set a few weeks ago - these are the next set).  A great chance to exercise and do a bit of maths!
Try out these interactive games.  Pick an area of maths you want to work on, follow the example at the top of each activity to learn what to do and, if you are struggling, there are easier tasks at the bottom.


We hope you enjoyed our last literacy resource 'The Lighthouse' (if you've not done it, you can still find the links in the previous home learning week pages).


This week's activity is based around a short film called 'The Catch'.  There is an activity pack to go with it, which has all sorts of learning ideas (not just literacy) from: answering questions as you watch the video for the first time, word searches, finding out about Haiku poetry, writing a story from the view of one of the characters in the video and researching traditional homes.


Don't know your synonyms from your antonyms?!  Find out more here:

What about your modal verbs?


Here's a few websites to promote reading - from e-books to listening to stories and poems being read:

The BBC Daily Learning site also has different extracts read each day with questions and related challenges:

WEEKLY LEARNING - Project, STEM challenges, Spellings, Art . . .

Now, we know that there should be some great STEM entries this week as we have seen great examples in schools - PAPER AEROPLANES!  Let's see some great designs and challenge your family to see who can make the one that travels the furthest (you can find a whole range of fancy designs on the internet!).

For the art, you need to put all the skills you have been working on together to create a portrait.

And, as a final Egyptians task, it is all about Gods and Goddesses this week.

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Letters for each year group on the wider opening of school have been sent by email to parents and are on the Newsletters section of the website. Please read!