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Activities for week beginning 20th April

We hope that, even under the current advice and restrictions, everyone managed to have some sort of a holiday over the last 2 weeks.  We are back to normal now with our weekly home learning activities and weekly phone calls.  Remember parents/carers, find the right balance between trying to work, supporting your child complete learning tasks and doing things that everyone in the family enjoys doing - we need to look after everyone's health and well-being during these times.  We look forward to seeing whatever it is you are doing on Class Dojo and we look forward to speaking with everyone at some point this week.  Take care.


It is the first week of a new term but fortunately White Rose Maths are continuing to cover exactly what we would have been doing this week in school.  So, it is Summer Term - Week 1.  However, although it is a new term, the children are continuing to build their understanding of decimals (looking at how to add and subtract with them).  Remember, if you are finding it a challenge, drop back to year 4 to jog your memory and fill in any gaps.


In your history project this week (see document at bottom of page), you will need to find out about Pharaohs and create a display all about them.

So, for literacy you are going to use the information you have found out about Pharaohs to write a non-chronological report (basically a report that is not like a newspaper report!).


Look at the PowerPoint slides to find out about the features of this type of report


Look at the reports on Spiders and Sharks and, if you can print them out, label any of the features that you can spot.  If you can't print them out, look at them carefully and see the features that you can spot.  Also look at any similarities and differences between the way the 2 reports are set out and the sections that they have (you can use what you find in your own report).


Complete the Formal/Informal sheet and the Parenthesis sheet - these two grammar and punctuation features will help you when you are writing your report (as it will need to be written formally and information will need to be organised using a range of punctuation). 


Find out about Pharaohs as part of your project work this week and then create a report on them using all that you have worked on in literacy.  Post pictures of your reports on Class Dojo to share!


Here is a comprehension (with some additional word tasks) based on a science non-chronological report about Light and Shadow.  PARENTS/CARERS - THERE ARE ANSWERS AT THE END OF THE PACK!

Or here is a slightly trickier comprehension based on a historical non-chronological report about the Titanic.
If you are looking for books to read, these two websites provide online books which are banded with the same colours that we use in school:


This document has all of the weekly tasks set out in it.  Remember, spread these out during the week and they can be done in any order.  As always, keep us posted with what you get up to!

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Letters for each year group on the wider opening of school have been sent by email to parents and are on the Newsletters section of the website. Please read!