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Activities for week beginning 29th June

Welcome to this week’s home learning.  As always, there is a mix of daily lessons – focussing on maths and English – and some tasks to complete through-out the week to give access to the wider curriculum.  We are also on to week 4 of the Unlocking Lockdown history project.  We hope you have been taking part in this project and sharing what you have been up.  Please email school with anything that matches this week’s theme. 


As we say each week, learning can take many forms – whether it’s developing a new skill or exploring a topic that you are really interested in – so, please feel free to get interested in whatever it is that you would like to learn more about.  However, if you let us know about it through Class Dojo then we can share with others and maybe even bring it in to our learning packs.  If you are looking for your own learning, remember these 2 sites can be really useful:


White Rose Maths are looking at angles this week.  As always, there are videos to support the lessons on their website: 

The second lesson does require a protractor, which we know not everyone will have one lying around the house.  So don’t worry about doing the lesson if you do not have access to one.  However, you could go to one of these two websites, where you can access interactive games to practice measuring with a protractor:

 Lesson 3 and 4 look like they need a protractor but you have to calculate the missing angles from the information you have been given (so work it out with some maths rather than measuring).

Other maths websites to find lots of things to do:


It is the last week of our literacy unit called ‘Wonderful Wizards!’  We hope you have been enjoying it so far.  For the final week there is a focus on newspaper reports and poetry (as well as a chance to do some science).  The final page challenges you to be inventive and create some of your own writing.


Again, we have had to post the whole unit but, if you have been working on it each week, this week it is from page 19 to the end.


If you are looking to brush-up on your SPaG skills, remember these websites have lots of thngs to do (you just need the password: anchorhome to access George's home learning stuff on the Anchor website):


Here are a variety of sites that offer opportunities to do some reading (some are easier to navigate than others and might need some adult help):


Our history challenge this week is to find out about Tudor laws and punishments (if you have access to the internet type ‘Tudor laws and punishments KS2’ into a search engine and there is lots of information to be found – NB. adults, it is always worthwhile to check the websites first to make sure they are age-appropriate).  The art work is based on the Tower of London, where prisoners could be sent during Tudor times.  For the STEM task this week, you are challenged to create a sundial - let's hope the sun is out this week!

As always, if you want to stay up-to-date with what is going on in the world, then here's the link to the Newsround website:

We are also on to week 4 of our Moston Fields Primary School Unlocking Lockdown history project.  Click on the documents below to find out what the focus is for this week.  Then, email anything that links with the themes to the school admin team.

We know that, for a lot of you, art is your thing.  So, here is a link to The Tate's website for children:
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Letters for each year group on the wider opening of school have been sent by email to parents and are on the Newsletters section of the website. Please read!