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Activities for week beginning 4th May

Welcome to a new week of activities and tasks.  Follow the links and use the documents below to access our daily and weekly tasks.  Remember to also stay as active as possible and enjoy time with your family.

Take care everyone.


This week we would be have been looking at multiplication in school.  So, follow the links below to access the materials.  There is the White Rose Maths site (which is what we use in school) and there is now also the BBC Bitesize site with its own clips and resources, but links with the White Rose Maths.  As always, if the year 5 work is challenging, look at the year 4 resources to recap and remind yourself what you have done before


We have a unit of work called The Game this week.  It follows the style of 'Talk 4 Writing' which is how we teach literacy in school.  There is a story to explore, comprehension questions, grammar and then a chance to write your own story.  The starting point for the work is based on the Jumanji film (so if you have watched any of these films you can use lots of ideas from them in your own work).

Because the unit is a PDF document, we have not been able to edit it and split it up into daily sections, so just work through a bit of it each day (there is probably enough work here for 2 weeks so don't worry about getting it all done this week - just work through it at your pace and enjoy!)


Again, it's really important to keep reading while school is closed.  If you've read everything in your house, then, remember, these are 2 good websites to access e-books that are banded with the same colours as your home reading book from school.

WEEKLY TASKS - History, Art, Stem Activities and Spellings

Here are the weekly tasks to dip into through-out the week.  There is also a link to the BBC Bitesize Daily website which is providing daily lessons, as well as games, learning clips, puzzles and activities, on all areas of the curriculum.  So, whatever subject or lesson is your favourite in school, then have a look and see what you can learn this week.


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Letters for each year group on the wider opening of school have been sent by email to parents and are on the Newsletters section of the website. Please read!