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Activities for week beginning 6th July

The summer holidays are fast approaching and over the next couple of weeks you are going to be finding out which classes you are in for year 6 and how we plan to have you all back in from September.  So, really exciting times!  Look out for newsletters, emails etc from school to keep you in the loop.


The home learning this week has its usual mix of daily maths and English, with some other tasks to do through-out the week.  Remember, you don’t have to just do what we have organised and the two websites below have a whole range of lessons and activities to keep you learning whilst school is still closed for year 5:


White Rose Maths are looking at shape this week.  As always, if you have access, there are videos to support the lessons on their website.  The link is below.  As with last week, the first lesson does require a protractor (only for question 2) but don't worry if you've not got one, just skip that part of the question.


As always, these links and resources provide for a whole range of maths.  You can also use the BBC and Oak Academy links at the top of this page to access maths lessons, activities and games.


We finished our ‘Wonderful Wizards!’  unit last week (if you missed it, it can still be found on our year 5 class pages on the website).  This week, we start a new unit called ‘Meet the Rhi-swano-zeb-tah’ which links with the project we did earlier in the year ‘Beast Creator’ where we designed our own insects (you’ve also read ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ in school which will help as well).  For this week, there is an information text for you to explore about this strange creature that has been found in Africa!


As with previous units, we have to publish the whole unit and cannot split it up.  You don't need to do the whole thing this week as we will be using it next week as well.  For this week you are working from the beginning up to (and including) the section on brackets.  Unfortunately, there are  no page numbers to make it clearer!

To help with your grammar, there is George's website (password: anchorhome) and, to help with the brackets work, there is a link to a lesson on the BBC site.


Use the links below for some online reading:


If we had been in school this half term, our project would have been Our Futures – where we start thinking about moving up to year 6 and preparing ourselves for high school and beyond.  So, this week, we are getting you to think about your dream job!  What will it be?  What skills would you need?  There is also the usual art, STEM and spelling activities as well.


For some wider learning, please get involved in our Unlocking Lockdown project.  We are on to week 5 and, as always, if you have anything to contribute please email it in to the school admin team.  There is also Newsround to watch daily, to keep you informed with what is going on in the world, and, some of you may have already done this, but there is a challenge from the National Trust of 50 things you should do before you are 11 3/4!  Use the link below for more information and you can keep a track of how many you have done with the check sheet.

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Letters for each year group on the wider opening of school have been sent by email to parents and are on the Newsletters section of the website. Please read!