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Our EYFS Team!

We used the book 'Chicken Clicking' and our newborn chicks to learn about how to stay safe on computers and tablets.


Reception play bingo on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. We have started to play high frequency word bingo so that children can practise and learn these words. Adults are encouraged to partake in these sessions with their children and feedback is always welcome!




In phonics we use the Letters and Sounds document and for our reading in reception we use the following reading schemes:

Rigby Star




This half term we will be learning the following in Nursery:

Phonics - our children are learning their phase 1 phonics, which includes listening for initial sounds and working on alliteration and rhyme.


Literacy - children will be focusing on enjoying listening to stories, retelling the story they have listened to, looking at books independently, telling a story through pictures and building up a variety of favourite stories.  

We will also be practising writing our names and improving our pencil grip and control.  


Mathematics - we will be practising matching numerals to quantity, ordering our numbers to 10 and recognising our numbers to 10. 


Understanding the World  - we will be looking at growth and decay and talking about what we are seeing and discovering.


Expressive arts & Design- we will be experimenting with textures and colour mixing and talking about what we find.  



This half term we will be learning the following in Reception

Phonics - our children are working at a variety of levels in phonics, some children are working on their phase 1 phonics, some are working on phase 2 and will soon be learning phase 3 phonics.  Please check with the class teachers to find out where your child is and what phonemes they are learning.  


Literacy - Our topic this term is All Around the World. We will be looking at stories from different parts of the world and look at different cultures an. We will also be learning and practising phonemes to enable children to further develop their reading and writing. It is important that children learn phonemes so they are able to segment and blend when reading. We will be progressing with our Tricky Word and High Frequency Word knowledge.  We will also be focusing on the children's comprehension skills to ensure they can talk about what they have read.  

Examples of Tricky Words: I, no, go, to, into, on.


Mathematics - We are now revisiting number. This term we will also be recapping addition and subtraction.


Understanding the World  - We are learning about different religions and cultural traditions such as Saint George's Day.


Physical Development - This term we are learning new games! We have been using balls in P.E to practise kicking, throwing and catching.


Expressive Arts and Design - There are many character masks around our areas, and we even have a new small world area, so that children can let their imagination run wild whilst practising to be the characters from the book! We are also making African masks and Indian 'henna' hand prints!

Our children have been learning to how to code!


We have been learning now to use an app called Kodable. In this app we have to direct the little icon to the end of the path using arrows pointing up, down, left and right. Without the correct coding it would not know where to go!

We have been learning in our new outdoor Construction Area!
The children have lots of fun learning in Reception

In our first term some children retold the story of 'Percy the Park Keeper - The Rescue Party'

Still image for this video
Our reception children have used the IPads to record their voices retelling a story.
What a fantastic job they have done!

Here are some photos to show the activities the Nursery children have done in Reception for transition week.

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Welcome back to school! It is great to see our children again. Please note the changes for this year in our Parent Handbook. SCHOOL NOW STARTS AT 9:00am SO PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOUR CHILD IS IN BEFORE 9:00am. Our doors open at 8:45am.