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Dear Parents and Carers,

Please find a link below for a survey about the planned Stop and Drop space that we are hoping to open in September. We have been granted use of the land as long as we can make it safe (plans are in process for scraping and clearing some of the land) maintain it and operate it safely.

This is a long overdue project that has four years of mithering and pestering behind it. We have also committed some budget to this to clear the land and to have the necessary public liability insurance and maintenance costs in place. It has taken a lot to get us here but now we need your help to make it happen.

We need your help with the following:

- regular volunteers to help us operate the stop and drop space
- your ideas for how it can be used as safely as possible
- your support with some fund raising (if we cannot get the gates and fence fixed from elsewhere)

We currently have a small but committed group of parents (many of whom are staff at school also) who put away our child signs on Croft Hill Rd everyday. They are a brilliant support for us as a school but also do a brilliant job in keeping our families and children safe as they cross the road. However, it is the same few volunteers everyday and we need more - to spread the load and to keep the right to be safe as a priority for our children.

So, if you think you could commit to offering some time to support this work, let us know.

If you can't commit to helping us, please still complete the survey as we need this feedback to make things work. It will be coming via email and Class Dojo too! 


Many thanks,

Mrs Murray 

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Don't forget to come along to Parents Evenings this week and also our first community event for a long time - Spring into Easter - for Years 1-6 it is on Friday 1st April at 1:45pm. For EYFS it is on Thursday 31st March at 2:00pm. We can't wait to see you there!