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Hello & welcome back to a new school year. Places are still available at blossoms (after school club) We have lots of fun activities every day. Open from 3.20 to 5.30 

Remember to book a place at blossoms (after school club) for you child/children for next September! We have lots of fun activities every day! 3.20-5.30 Monday-Friday 

Snack time... yum yum

We have so much fun at blossoms.

We have been decorating biscuits at blossoms.

Delicious cakes we have made at blossoms (after school club) yum yum

Balloon fun at blossoms "I love blossoms club." 🎈🎈

This Wednesday we will be baking. Come along and join in the fun... 

First day of Blossoms (after school club) was an amazing success. The children really enjoyed themselves and can't wait to come again. We look forward to seeing you all tonight.

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Next week we are being visited by Rhys Stephenson and Katie Thistleton (CBBC presenters) to launch the Place2Be Schools Time Capsule project!