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Rights are for all children and young people throughout the world.


Whilst there is not an expectation that children and young people necessarily know the actual words that define these features of rights, it is important that they understand the meaning of them (within the context of their age and ability).


‘The ABCDE of Children’s rights’ is one way that can help children learn about the nature of rights.


A Rights are for ALL children (universal)

B Rights are there at BIRTH (inherent)

C Rights CANNOT be taken away (inalienable)

Rights DO NOT have to be earnt (unconditional)

Rights are EQUALLY important (indivisable)


We all learn about rights at Moston Fields. They are embedded in our school ethos, in our classroom environments and throughout lessons and assemblies. We are encouraged to use the rights to help us reflect on our own practises and behaviours.


Class Charters

At the start of the academic year, all classes create a staff charter. Together, children and staff decide on what they think are the most important Articles (rights) for their classroom. Everyone agrees to their class charter and signs it in their own way. These class charters are changed and adapted when necessary. The duty bearers (adults) help the children to follow, understand and reflect on the rights.

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Don't forget to come along to Parents Evenings this week and also our first community event for a long time - Spring into Easter - for Years 1-6 it is on Friday 1st April at 1:45pm. For EYFS it is on Thursday 31st March at 2:00pm. We can't wait to see you there!