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Miss Cooke has been developing enterprise skills with her group. 

At the end of the sessions the children will: 

  • have assessed their own level of skills (their confidences and areas for development)
  • Generated business ideas 
  • Completed market research
  • Understand cost, profit and loss. 
  • Write a pitch requesting a loan from the School Business Manager 
  • Evaluate their selling technique 


After weeks of planning, online shopping, budgeting and advertising, our pop-up cafe (Read.Refuel.Relax) will be open for business on Thursday 18th October at 10am. 


We hope to see you there for a mid-morning treat :) 


The enterprise team!

First session: children planning their ‘pop-up’ cafe, completing market research and getting ideas from other school websites!

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Next week we are being visited by Rhys Stephenson and Katie Thistleton (CBBC presenters) to launch the Place2Be Schools Time Capsule project!