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Reading for Pleasure

Welcome to our 'Reading for Pleasure' section of the website. Here you will find all the infomation on 'Reading for Pleasure' at Moston Fields.


Reading for pleasure is very important to us here at Moston Fields. We believe that if children are given time to both read high quality books and hear them being read out loud it will ignite their imaginations, improve their writing and most importantly encourage their love of reading.

Moston Fields Readathon! - We raised £221 ! Well done :)


Starting Tuesday 18th June until Friday 28th June we will be setting our children the challenge of taking part in a sponsored school Readathon where the children will set themselves a target of how much they will read for 2 weeks.

Example targets are: 

Read for 10 minutes every day

Read or listen to one story book everyday

Read 3 chapter books in 2 weeks

Listen to 10 younger children read in 2 weeks

Read a whole series of books in 2 weeks 

Read as many non-fiction texts about :Dinosaurs, Ancient Greece, Romans, Volcanos, Animals or any other topic of your choice!

Listen to a part of an audiobook each night

Read 10 pages/a chapter every day

Read a book from every genre in two weeks!

Read as many pages as you can in an hour



Children can be sponsored by the number of books they read over 2 weeks, the number of pages they can read in a day or even the number of hours they spend reading. The choice is yours!

The money raised will go towards helping buy books for children who are in hospital as well as a small percentage towards our school library fund. 

We hope you take part in whatever way you can whether it be 20p or £2- Let's get our children reading! 

Please donate at or send your cash into school in a clearly marked envelope with their completed sponsorship card and feel free to send in any photographs of your child completing their challenge! 

Snuggle up and Read!

Our first Snuggle up and Read event was a great success! Children and parents from KS1 were invited to join us in the hall after school for hot drinks, biscuits and of course, books! It was lovely to see so many families enjoying reading together and as our first one so so well recieved, our next Snuggle up and Read will take place after half term! Tuesday 30th October - we hope to see you and your children there. 

Here is our lovely new library! Over the summer, we revamped the library and filled it with new, exciting and wonderful books that the children will love reading.

At Moston Fields we want to promote reading for pleasure as much as possible, the library is open to every class throughout the day where teachers can take the children to hear new stories, choose books they wouldn't normally have access to and enjoy the welcoming space we have created. 

Children will also have access to the library at dinner times after half term, where Miss Bridge and Ms Ward run a library club. Here children can choose books to read at their leisure. 

Pie Corbett's Reading Spine

"Great books build the imagination. The more we read aloud expressively, and the more children are able to savour, discuss and reinterpret literature through the arts, the more memorable the characters, places and events become, building an inner world. A child who is read to will have an inner kingdom of unicorns, talking spiders and a knife that cuts into other worlds. The mind is like a ‘tardis’; it may seem small but inside there are many mansions. Each great book develops the imagination and equips the reader with language." -  Pie Corbett


Across the school we have adopted the Reading Spine created by Pie Corbett. This is a list of well-chosen books for each year group which you can see below. Every day at 3.00pm each class sits down to listen to the teacher or TA read to enjoy hearing stories read expressively. Throughout this session children are given the opportunities to hear a range of texts and orally unpick the features the author has used whilst the adult models how to use these skills to interpret the book.  

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Don't forget to come along to Parents Evenings this week and also our first community event for a long time - Spring into Easter - for Years 1-6 it is on Friday 1st April at 1:45pm. For EYFS it is on Thursday 31st March at 2:00pm. We can't wait to see you there!