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  • Welcome back to school!

    Mon 06 Sep 2021 S. Murray

    Welcome back!!!

    Dear Parents and Carers,

    (sent as email and Class Dojo message too!)

    I hope that this message finds you all well and having had a good summer break. I am sure that you are all hoping for a smooth year - so are we!

    We have been busy getting ready for welcoming our children back to school today and are excited at the thought of a brilliant year ahead! We are planning on this year being as close to the norm as it possibly can be. We have carried out our risk assessment (available on the school website on today) and have reviewed our procedures with the aim of keeping our community as safe as we can, whilst protecting the education of our children


    Our latest Parent Handbook for this year has been sent by email and is on Class Dojo but is now also in the Newsletters section of this website. In this, we have outlined the steps we will take and how we will ensure that this year goes as smoothly as possible for all.

    Please make sure that you read it as it does outline important changes that you will need to know.

    Key changes/points you need to know are:
    - there will be NO ONE WAY system. The entrance to the school for drop off and pick up will be the gate to the playground at the front of school.
    - The delivery gates on Croft Hill Rd will be locked and no longer used as a way in and out.
    - School doors will open at 8:45am and children will filter up their staircase (or go to Nursery/Reception)
    - The School Day will now BEGIN at 9:00am. The gates will close at 9:00am.
    - Anyone after 9:00am will be classed as Late and parents will have to sign children in at the Office.
    - When fully open - Nursery pick up time will be 3:10pm.
    - ALL OTHER YEAR GROUPS will now end their day at 3:20pm - this is a trial to see if it works so please bear with us for a few weeks!
    - The gate will be closed and we will let parents in at 3:20pm. The same gate can be used for exit but please feel free to walk around the school building, through Nursery, to ease congestion.
    - All children need to wear full school uniform.
    - PE Kits will still be worn on PE days - but no hoodies, just school jumpers or cardigans on top.

    There will ne no mobile phones allowed in school at all. If your child is in Year 6 and needs to have a phone to walk home. You must write into school to give consent and the phone must be brought into the school Office at beginning of the day and picked up by your child from the Office at the end of the day. If we find any children in school with a phone that has not been consented to by parents and school, it will be confiscated and returned to their parent in person. Please understand that this is to keep our children safe and also to remind them that phones are not needed when at school.

    We also had an explosion of Pop-its last year. Children will not be able to use Pop-its in class without their parent having a discussion with the Class Teacher and the need and use being agreed. If your child has an SEN need that warrants support for fidgeting, there are also many things we have in school that we can try using. Our experience of Pop-its is that they often cause more distraction and do not enable children to focus.

    Final update: we have not been able to get the Stop and Drop ready yet but have today finally received the lease that will enable us to start preparing the land. This Stop and Drop space will happen!!

    Kind regards

    Sarah Murray


    Tue 22 Jun 2021

    Dear Parents and Carers,

    Please find a link below for a survey about the planned Stop and Drop space that we are hoping to open in September. We have been granted use of the land as long as we can make it safe (plans are in process for scraping and clearing some of the land) maintain it and operate it safely.

    This is a long overdue project that has four years of mithering and pestering behind it. We have also committed some budget to this to clear the land and to have the necessary public liability insurance and maintenance costs in place. It has taken a lot to get us here but now we need your help to make it happen.

    We need your help with the following:

    - regular volunteers to help us operate the stop and drop space
    - your ideas for how it can be used as safely as possible
    - your support with some fund raising (if we cannot get the gates and fence fixed from elsewhere)

    We currently have a small but committed group of parents (many of whom are staff at school also) who put away our child signs on Croft Hill Rd everyday. They are a brilliant support for us as a school but also do a brilliant job in keeping our families and children safe as they cross the road. However, it is the same few volunteers everyday and we need more - to spread the load and to keep the right to be safe as a priority for our children.

    So, if you think you could commit to offering some time to support this work, let us know.

    If you can't commit to helping us, please still complete the survey as we need this feedback to make things work. It will be coming via email and Class Dojo too! 


    Many thanks,

    Mrs Murray 

  • Place2Be Ambassador visit to launch the Schools Time Capsule Project

    Tue 22 Jun 2021 S. Murray

    We are excited to announce that on the 30th June, we will be welcoming Katie Thistleton and Rhys Stephenson (CBBC presenters) who are ambassadors for Place2Be. They will be visiting our school to see a Place2Be school project and also to launch the 2021 Schools Time Capsule project (in conjunction with BAFTA kids and Oak National Academy)


    5C have the exciting job of taking part in creating some memories of the past year to put into the time capsule ready to be opened in 25 years! I wonder what children will think of our thoughts and memories then! They will be creating some poems, drawings and a vlog to capture their experiences, as we did before in our Unlocking Lockdown project. 


    Look out for photos and further updates after their visit. 

  • SHINE AWARD for Miss Ward and Moston Fields Primary School!

    Thu 03 Jun 2021 S. Murray

    Great news! 


    I am delighted to tell you that we have some wonderful news for our school. Miss Ward (our Reading Recovery Teacher and ECAR lead) has been successful in a bid for funding via the Shine Trust. 

    This means that Miss Ward will be developing a brand new intervention for Reception children and parents at our school over the next two years. This project will see school staff trained and then in the second year, other schools trained so that more children can access the power of a research-based intervention. 

    A huge well done to Miss Ward. This will really benefit our children and put our school on the map as a centre of excellence for reading! 

    If you want to learn more. Here are the publicity links:

     For more information about the prestigious award and the project - follow the links below. 
    General story
    Your story

  • Outdoor Learning Week

    Mon 24 May 2021 S. Murray

    Thanks to all children who brought in some wonderful pieces of nature that they had found. Despite the rain, we managed to have some opportunities to get outside and capture nature with our artwork and sketches. 

    We will be adding our work to the exhibition in the entrance to school soon...look out for it!

  • Geometry Super Learning Day this FRIDAY!

    Mon 24 May 2021 S. Shankland

    See the event reminder below to find out about our Super Learning Day this Friday. To get you in the mood, here is a daring Fashion Challenge to do at home to bring in on Friday – who thought Maths could be so cool and look so good : )
    The basic idea is to create a piece of wearable fashion along the theme of geometry. Some ideas for you to think about, then design or make could be:
    • Create a piece of jewellery (maybe a 3D watch or badge)
    • Decorate a hat (maybe a 3D celebration of angles and lines)
    • Colour a cool t-shirt design (have a look at the art of Piet Mondrian or Wassily Kandinsky to give you some ideas)
    • Design a full costume
    Click on the document above for more information and look at the second page to get some ideas and inspiration.

    A BIG thank you to Mr Breeze for developing and designing this challenge - we can't wait to see what you come up with!

  • Getting ready for our new DREAM Cafe :-)

    Mon 24 May 2021 S. Murray

    This week, we had a great sampling session for our new school menu. The children tried some of the new 'sides' including samosas, poppadoms and onion bhaji. They also tried quorn nuggets (much healthier) rice pudding, vegetable and cheese lattice and pizza on our new thin bases! Tracey, our cook got some great feedback - including 'amazing' and 'really professional'

    Our menu for the first week will be out by the end of this week.
    After half term, there will be normal canteen service for all children - well not normal - NEW and IMPROVED service as we have new tables cloths, clear glasses, vacuum flasks for milk on each table, a cutlery tray for each table...amongst other things.

    Our DREAM CAFE is nearly here!

  • Complete our Remote Learning Survey - have your say!

    Tue 09 Feb 2021 S. Murray

    Please use the link below to access the survey for feedback on our current offer of remote learning. 



    In advance, thank you for helping us with this!

  • Information to support Parents and Carers for Safer Internet Day

    Tue 09 Feb 2021 S. Murray


    Please see the Newsletter section for the following resources (these have also been sent out via Class Dojo)

    - Family Online Safety Plan

    - Conversation Starters 

  • Safer Internet Day - Let's Create #AnInternetWeTrust

    Tue 09 Feb 2021 S. Murray

    All children have access to the internet whether it is via a phone, laptop, tablet, gaming device or even a TV! 

    If we want to create and Internet we can trust it is vital that parents and carers take the following steps to help your child be safe on-line:

    1) Make sure that any privacy setting and all parental controls are set at the highest level (please see links to help with this below)
    2) Have conversations about what is seen or heard about on-line - help children to question and not accept information or behaviours that are wrong.
    3) Make a Family Safety On-line Plan that sets out expectations and time limits for being on-line 
    4) Check-in with what your child is doing on-line - if they have a phone or gaming device, check regularly
    5) Talk about what to do if things go wrong or they feel uncomfortable - make it easy for them to talk to you about it.
    6) Watch for signs of changing behaviours 

    It is hard at the moment but as much as you can - get outside and encourage children to be be active away from their screens as much as you can. 

    Here are some great links - PLEASE USE THEM :-)

    This is a really visual website (and trusted) where the adult selects their internet provider, they are then shown step by step how to ensure their internet is safe for children. 

    This link has lots of advice around devices and internet use.

    I will be posting other guidance documents to support you soon. Upper KS2 parents and carers will also be getting additional information to support them via e-mail. 

    All the above information will be posted on our Class Dojo and also e-mailed out. 

    This is a belts and braces communication approach - apologies that some parents get things 3x!! 

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Welcome back to school! It is great to see our children again. Please note the changes for this year in our Parent Handbook. SCHOOL NOW STARTS AT 9:00am SO PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOUR CHILD IS IN BEFORE 9:00am. Our doors open at 8:45am.