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Spelling - Keep up with spelling practice by learning the rules, playing the online games and practicing words on the website


SPaG -  Watch the videos on Anchor Education's youtube- do you know the songs? 

THEN choose and complete one of the picture of the day challenges from 


Week Beginning:

30th March- Expanded Noun phrases 

Easter Hols

20th April- Exclamation and Questions

27th April- Apostrophes

4th May - Fronted Adverbials

11th May - Powerful Verbs

18th May - Coordinating Conjunctions

Half Term

1st June - Subordinate Clauses



Writing -


1st June =

"I was in the Harry Potter books, from the beginning to the end.

I have 5 brothers and a sister, plus I'm Harry's best friend!" - Who am I?


Can you solve the riddle above? Which fictional hero is being described?

Now it's your turn. Choose 3 heroes and write your own riddles. Do some riddle research beforehand to help you. Think about the structure and how you can make them rhyme. 


18th May = In the theme of outdoor learning week your writing task is to use the research you've done on Andy Goldsworthy to create an information booklet. Find 5 different examples of the work he has created and write a description for each. Include the materials he used, how he creates each piece, what it looks like and how it makes you feel. Tell me which is your favourite and why?  



11th May = Last week, you were tasked to be the journalist writing about the evil villain Cruella De Vil. THIS week we want you to put yourself into the villain's shoes! Create and answer some interview questions as though you are her. Think about what she would say and how she would reply. What powerful words would she use? Write your interview out in your neatest writing. You could even go a step further and act out the interview, videoing the results! 


4th May = This week we want you to put yourself into the shoes of a journalist. Your project task was to research the villain Cruella De Vil. Using those notes, write a paragraph in the style of a magazine article to desribe her appearance, personality and behaviours. 

Spend this week researching different magazine styles. You can find some here

Become a reporter and write your article.

Present your article how a reporter would- using pictures and quotes



27th April = Time for some Non-fiction writing! Create a fact file about someone you feel is a "hero" this could be someone you know, someone you've seen on the news or a fictional character.

Tell me about

  • Who they are? 
  • What they do?
  • What qualities make them a hero?
  • How you would say thank you to that person?


Add illustrations to your file to mak it an interesting read, this could be done on paper or electronically!



Previous weeks =  Story builder:

Choose one object from each column and organise your week like this:

MONDAY- Draw and write a character or setting description.


TUESDAY- Plan your story- decide on the opening, the problem, how the problem will be fixed and the ending. You can plan this through drawing or short sentences.


WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY- Draft your story remembering paragraphs and all the SPaG you know. Take your time!


FRIDAY- Read back your work and check it. Edit and improve your writing where it needs it. You could even publish it using your neatest handwriting and add illustrations!

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Letters for each year group on the wider opening of school have been sent by email to parents and are on the Newsletters section of the website. Please read!