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During our maths lessons we will be focussing on mastering our maths skills so we can apply them to a range of activities. 


We will also be having a big push on learning our times tables so we can recall the out of order and their division facts.

            3 multiplied by  4 = 12                            12 divided by 3 = 4

Picture 1

Our first few steps of Year 3 Maths

Our first few steps of Year 3 Maths 1

Try these Challenges!

Try these Challenges! 1
Try these Challenges! 2

Addition and Subtraction

Addition and Subtraction 1
Addition and Subtraction 2

Multiplying and Dividing

Multiplying and Dividing 1
Multiplying and Dividing 2

Multiplying and Dividing continued!

Multiplying and Dividing continued! 1
Multiplying and Dividing continued! 2
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We will be contacting all parents who are Frontline Workers on Monday to arrange access to childcare for their children. Childcare will begin on TUESDAY 24th March.