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Year 2

Welcome to year 2's class page!

Spring Term 2


This half term our topic is Street Detectives. We will be exploring our local area and looking at what Moston and Manchester has to offer. We will also be looking at what life was like in Manchester in Victorian times.  

In science, we will be investigating plants, growing some seeds and finding out what a plant needs to grow.

Fractions is one of the areas we will be focusing on in maths. There is a new test being introduced too to take the place of the CLIC test. This new test will fit more in line with the maths curriculum and will enable children to practise their mental maths skills.

Our trip to Lark Hill Place

We learnt lots about life in the past from our visit to Salford Museum. Take a look at the photos which show what we saw and experienced. We had a great time!

Spring term 1

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!


We have started the new year with a pirate themed day! Arg-hahhhh! Have a look at the photos from the day and some of the amazing costumes the children came dressed in. This is because our new project for this half term is Land Ahoy. We will be starting off looking at stories of some famous pirates and then reading and making our own maps. Hopefully we will find some treasure along the way! Looking at other famous explorers is another area we are focusing on.

Along with all this, we are multiplying and dividing and looking at shape and space in maths and we will be writing an advert to persuade in literacy too. 


Our Proud to Be day is coming up very soon and we would like families to bring in any artefacts that are linked to their culture. This could be a religious artefact, a kitchen utensil, items of clothing, something of historical importance...anything really that would provide children with a mystery and try to find out what it is and what it might be used for! We would like you to attach a brief description of this item to support with the activity we have planned in one of the classes during the day. 




Autumn 2 term

We have had a very messy start to this new term with our new project

Muck, Mess and Mixtures. 

The children really enjoyed our messy afternoon as they experimented with and explored lots of mixtures and mess! There are certainly more mixtures and mess to be made over the next few weeks with a focus on art and science. We will be looking at some famous artists work and trying to create some work inspired by them. Carl Warner creates pictures with food and Mondrian's work will inspire some colour mixing.  Have a look at our curriculum flier to tell you a bit more about the project.

Autumn term 1

Our trip to Lancaster Castle was a huge success and the children loved experiencing a real-life castle. This trip will really support the children's learning within our project 'Towers, Tunnels and Turrets' and we will be sharing some of their work on the website very soon!

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Welcome back to school! It is great to see our children again. Please note the changes for this year in our Parent Handbook. SCHOOL NOW STARTS AT 9:00am SO PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOUR CHILD IS IN BEFORE 9:00am. Our doors open at 8:45am.